Stiffener Bar Bonding

Replace welded joints without compromising quality, strength or durability

Finding trained welders is becoming increasingly difficult. Sika's adhesive solutions will help you streamline some processes and free up your valuable welding resource. Replacing spot-welding on stiffener bar applications is an ideal place to start looking for these efficiencies.             

There are two possibilities here. Bonding stiffener bars before a paint process or after.

Utilising SikaPower® SmartCore technology, you can bond stiffener bars before a low-bake paint process or a powder-coat process. This allows for pre-assembly before a finishing process and will also remove long re-finishing processes like grinding after welding on A-surfaces.

Alternatively, you can have parts painted before assembly and using SikaFast® technology, the wide adhesion range and speed make this product ideal for bonding stiffener bars in final assembly. Stiffener bar assembly is present in many fields of manufacturing, so a good alternative metal joining technique, with Sika's innovative metal adhesives can replace welded joints without compromise. 

For further information on bonding stiffener bars, or any other structural bonding application, please get in touch.

Featured Products

SikaPower®-1277 can be used prior to paint process due to high temperature resistance.

SikaFast®-555 L10 ideal for use due to wide adhesion range and speed.