Installation of a lift system increases the value in property in terms of resale value and in terms of accessibility. Sika can offer a range of products which sustain this investment with durable and high performing products while offering unparalleled solutions to the manufacturer.

The Sika product range helps to stiffen the metal cabin by increasing the safety but decreasing the metallic sound effect the same time. This effect is felt when driving up or downwards through the lifting hole. Out of the Sika product portfolio we are certainly able to find a customised solution that fits into your process.

Our technical experts can help you by assessing the key process steps and parameters that can be improved by using Sika adhesives.

Solutions for Elevator
  1. Structural bonding with heat curing adhesive
  2. Display bonding
  3. Mirror bonding
  4. Interior panel
  5. Floor bonding
  6. Floor bonding with Acoustik dampening system
  7. Vibration damping
  8. Structural bonding with two component adhesive