High Productivity with Sika Solutions for Lamination

Sika offers a broad range of laminating adhesive solutions to fit every customer’s requirements. Whether it's hard lamination, soft lamination, vehicle panels or tapes and labels, Sika has the solution.


As well as helping our customers boost performance and productivity through our innovative solutions, we can also test substrates and produce samples from our very own Systems Engineering facility based at Welwyn Garden City UK.


Facade Insulating and Acoustic Panels

Inill and structural panels are made from laminates to meet various performance demands such as acoustic insulation, clean & durable surfaces and attractive designs.


Our Systems

SikaForce®-7741 | SikaForce®-7748

Flat Roof Insulating Panels


Our Systems

SikaForce®-7111 | SikaMelt®-9675 IS

Pitched Roof Insulating Panels


Our System


Breathable Roofing Membranes


Our System


Door Panels

Composite constructions combining insulating cores to give thermal insulation and structural reinforcements. Durable skin materials such as uPVC or Aluminium are bonded. Foils are bonded to create aesthetically pleasing and durable laminates.


Our Systems

SikaForce®-7120 | SikaMelt®-9674 LV

Laminated Floors

Combining strong materials such as steel and high density core for floor panels or laminating foils for high performance flooring laminates.


Our System

SikaMelt®-9675 LV

Sports Flooring

In comparison to solvent based products and flame lamination, SikaMelt® hot melts and SikaTherm® waterbased adhesives are environmentally friendly solutions. Sika products also create cost savings through higher final strength and lower coating weight.


Our System

SikaMelt® 9674 GF


Refrigerated Truck Panels & Assembly

Trailer and container manufacturers use metal, wood, fibreglass and foam insulation in the production of side and rear walls, floors and roof structures. Increased efficiency in production is a critical factor for this competitive market place.


Our Systems

SikaForce®-7712 | SikaForce®-7720

Recreational Vehicle Panels

Bonded insulation foams, intermediate and exterior substrates combine to reduce heat loss and create moisture resistance.


Our Systems

SikaForce®-7715 | SikaMelt®-9677

Marine Decorative Panels

Sika can supply you with these high quality solutions for a wide range of applications in building component production. Bonding, laminating and sealing operations can be carried out using Sika products through the various stages of your production.


Our System


Other Industries

White Goods

Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives tapes are widely used in the domestic appliances industry for quick attachment of decorative panels, touch screens, covers, trims and many other applications.


Our System



SikaMelt® adhesives, designed for sports and outdoor wear support and even increase the high demand for water resistance, breathability, durability and wearing comfort. The excellent adhesive properties facilitate high efficiency bonding of advanced fluorocarbon treated textiles and membranes.


Our System

SikaMelt®-9680 LV

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