The many different applications of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) undoubtedly make them one of the most fascinating groups of adhesive products. For more than half a century now Sika has been developing and producing PSA with different performance characteristics for a wide range of applications, and has consequently amassed a wealth of experience in every area of adhesive technology.

Outdoor and Sports

The excellent adhesive properties of our SikaMelt hotmelts enable the producer of textile laminates to ensure effective and durable bond, even for high water-repellent textiles pre-treated with hydrophobic polymers. Increasing need of breathability and waterproof protection, e.g. in footwear industry, requires innovative technologies. Sika offers environmental friendly adhesives, such as water-based products with high final strength or reactive polyolefin hotmelt which redundantises pre-treatment of PP or PE substrates.

Automotive Textiles

The interior design is an important decision criteria for the purchase of a car. Bonding technology for lamination processes helps to ensure attractive, soft feel surfaces of textile parts. Furthermore the use of adhesives makes the process easy and secure to meet the technical demands like resistance against climatic influence and low emission. Compared to other laminating technologies like flame lamination, SikaMelt and SikaTherm adhesives offer environmental-friendly solutions with high potentials of cost savings by low coat weights at high final strengths.

Special Applications

Sometimes technical textiles have just one topic, they should protect life! Whether functional textiles for fire workers or overalls for scuba diving, Sika offers a specific adhesive range for

  • Production textiles
  • Medical textiles
  • Neoprene textiles