INDUSTRIAL LAMINATION of substrates is carried out to create properties and features in composite materials that no single material can achieve. Adhesively laminated materials are all around us, in buildings, transportation, clothing, construction and more. Sika utilises its various adhesive technologies to serve the lamination market.

SikaForce PUR adhesives for sandwich panel bonding and lamination

SikaForce® are one- two- and three-component (1C, 2C & 3C) polyurethane based adhesives used to bond various combinations of plastics, metals, foams and composites in
assembly processes such as sandwich panel bonding.

SikaMelt PUR, SikaMelt PO adhesives for lamination of technical textiles

SikaMelt® are reactive (HMPUR) and non-reactive (PSA & PO)  hot melt adhesives used to bond various combinations of plastics, metals, textiles, fabrics, foams, non-wovens and
composites. Either in rigid assembly processes such as panel lamination or in flexible lamination processes such as textiles and non-wovens, or in adhesive tapes and self adhesion coatings.  

SikaSense water and solvent based adhesives for lamination of natural and synthetic fabrics

SikaSense® are water- and solvent-based one- and two-component (1C & 2C) adhesive systems, which are designed to create an elastic, strong and durable bond to plastics, wood, leather or fabrics. They are primarily used for lamination of interior components.

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