Structural Bonding and Assembly

Recent years showed changes in combination of materials used to fabricate emergency vehicles. The use of aluminum and fiberglass composites is now commonplace, as manufacturers seek to reduce weight while still providing robust and secure vehicles.

Sika provides a range of high-performance solutions for body assembly. SikaForce two-component PUR adhesives demonstrate high strength, good flexibility and are capable of curing at room or elevated temperatures to increase curing speed. Sikaflex polyurethane sealants and adhesives are easy to use and provide excellent durability.

Sikaflex Hybrid technology (based on Sika’s silane terminated polymer technology) combines the performance of traditional Sikaflex polyurethane systems with additional benefits such as reduced substrate preparation and improved worker safety. SikaFast two-component adhesives combine low surface preparation and high tensile strength with rapid de-jigging and full cure.

Direct Glazing and Sealing

For over 20 years, Sika has been providing emergency vehicle assembly lines with solutions for direct glazing. Primerless pretreatment options are available to fit the needs of a variety of application processes in order to create cost savings and process simplification.

Specific Sikaflex solutions are available to suit cold, warm and hot application processes. Proprietary Sikaflex materials retain the glass in position following installation, allowing for elimination of secondary fixings and tape. The Sika Booster range provides the ultimate solution for OEM’s seeking excellent mechanical properties with the shortest possible full cure time.