Dents and scratches typically occur e.g. during handling, transport or installation of the blade. Pinholes in the topcoat of the blade are typically the result of trapped solvents, air or moisture or improper surface preparation. Both are considered to be minor damages (cosmetic damages) which are usually not critical to the structural integrity of the blade. However, they may negatively affect the aerodynamics of the blade, reducing its power efficiency.

SikaForce® 7800


SikaForce®-7800 Blue is a two component polyurethane based profile and surface fillerdesigned for the use at temperatures below 15°C. If ambient temperatures are higher than 15 °C it is advisable to use SikaForce®-7800 Red.


SikaForce®-7800 Blue is used for profileshaping and surface filling of damaged rotor blades in the wind turbine industry.



Product Data Sheet (Blue)

Product Data Sheet (Red)

Safety Data Sheet (Part A) | Safety Data Sheet (Part B)