Project Description

Designed by the renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge luxury condominium building is eye-catching not only because of its crescent shape, but also because of the striped design of the concrete and glass curtain-walled structure, which continues up and over the sloping roof. Sika Sarnafil® roofing system has been installed to match those bands. The project size was 15’000 square feet.

Project Requirements

In this building the roofs are as primary features of buildings and as part of the building design. The goal in selecting a reliable watertight roofing system by the architect was to preserve the integrity of the design and have the stripes continue up over the façade and back down. In this case a watertight metal roof waterproofed is needed. The factors to be considered for a roofing solution were reasonable cost, durability, low-maintenance and adaptable detailing methods. This system should have color selections and color processes that would readily match the façade colors, and should not bleed.

Sika Solutions

Adhered system using Sarnafil® custom colored limestone and blue 60 mil G410 membrane was chosen by the architect because of his previous experiences and trust on Sarnafil® systems. The system could fulfill all the requirements, especially the requirements for colors and details.

Sika Sarnafil® and Midland Engineering Company worked closely together for this high quality, aesthetically pleasing roofing installation, at a height of 150 to 300 feet in the air with a slope (9/12) that equates to a 37 degree angle. During the installation, a lot of challenges were overcomed, such as working at such height and on such steep slope, managing the complicated geometry of this roof, safty system during application, continuing the bands over the crescent-shaped roof, difficult flashing conditions because of drop-offs, snow guard layouts, and the placement of gutters over the many terraces of the building, and so on.

The roof is performing fantastically, and all parties are extremely pleased with the end result.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project:

  • Sarnafil®
  • Sarnacol®

Project Participants

Owner: Corporex Family of Companies
Architect: Studio Daniel Libeskind New York
Architect of Record: GBBN Architects, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio
Roofing Contractor: Midland Engineering Company, South Bend, Indiana