Project Requirements

The property management was looking for a natural looking, hardwearing balcony finish with a certified waterproofing layer underneath.

Sika Solutions

The new Sika® Premium Balcony Systems based on the innovative “Moisture Triggered Chemistry” was selected as ideal for the project because of its certified waterproofing quality and the different decorative finishes, in this case the quartz finish.

After grinding the old coating off, the concrete substrate was primed with Sika Bonding Primer a waterbased epoxy primer. Then the waterproofing layer consisting of 2 layers Sikafloor®-405 with an embedded fibre mat was applied. On the following layer of resin mortar made Sikafloor®-406 with a suitable sand mix, the mat topcoat of Sikafloor®-416 was applied.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project:

  • Sika® Premium Balcony
  • Sikafloor®-405
  • Sikafloor®-406
  • Sikafloor®-416

Project Participants

Property Management: Hausverwaltung Hecht, Darmstadt
Architect: Architektur Raum Stadt, Darmstadt
Contractor: Clemens Ott, Mitenberg
Supplier: Sika Deutschland GmbH