Project Description

This residential development in Martinsried near Munich has nine apartments with large balconies of approximately 12 m² each and these have integral planters at the front.
The balconies are on the east, south and west sides of the complex to receive maximum sunlight.

Project Requirements

Leaking and efflorescence beneath the decks and the planters meant that they needed to be made waterproof and in some areas of the decks the screed had become de-bonded and hollow. A liquid applied waterproofing was specified as being the most suitable for both the balcony deck surfaces and to line the inside of the planters. Root penetration resistance was not required for the planters because plastic boxes are inserted to hold the plants.
The waterproofing on the balcony decks also had to provide and attractive wearing surface.

Sika Solutions

The areas of hollow screed were removed and repaired as the whole of the surfaces were mechanically prepared and cleaned. The planter surfaces were made good with a 2 mm layer of Icoment® 520, a polymer modified, cement based protective and levelling mortar. Sikafloor®-405 Premium waterproofing system was then applied to both the balcony decks and inside the planters. This had the advantage that different products did not have to be used on different areas so a seamless surface was provided. The Sika® Premium Deco top coating was then applied on the balconies to achieve the desired visual appearance and decorative effect. Sikafloor®-416 was also used in areas where required to give additional slip resistance.

The Sika Premium balcony system is waterproof but permeable to water vapour, so that moisture can diffuse from the substrate without causing the coating to blister. Additionally, as the specially developed Sika Reemat Premium glass fibre reinforcing mat is fully embedded in the resin material, the waterproofing system is permanently crackbridging, with extremely high tensile strength in all directions.

This unique reinforcing mat can be fitted extremely easily in comparison with normal fabrics and glass fibre products. Therefore it saves the contractor a great deal of time, especially in completing detailing solutions around drainpipes,  parapets, vents etc. A range of decorative, high performance toppings are also available as alternative finishes on top of the waterproofing system i.e. a 3 mm layer of sealed quartz granules, broadcast finishes with coloured chips, or coloured slip resistant Sikafloor coatings.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project:

  • Icoment® 520
  • Sikafloor®-405
  • Sika® Premium Deco
  • Sikafloor®-416

Project Participants

Specialist Contractor: Fischbäck GmbH, 82538 Geretsried
Main Contractor: Kögel Bauprojekt GmbH, 81541 München
Property Manager: Jörg Klemmer GmbH, 80538 München