Sika Technologies: Concrete Accessories

Sika has a wide range of concrete accessories with include mould release agents, curing compounds and surface retarders to enhance the performance of a wide range of conventional and specialist concrete applications.

Mould release agents, curing compounds and surface retarders can assist in the production of high quality conventional and architectural finishes.

Critical Factors Influencing the Performance of these Materials

  • Material of the formwork (steel, wood, plastic)
  • Structure of the surface (smooth or rough)
  • Tightness and cleanness of the formwork (especially joints, new or used forms)
  • „Robustness of the formwork construction
  • „Mould release agent (type, application thickness & consistency)
  • Placing and compaction of concrete in the formwork
  • Application if the mould release agent , curing compound or surface retarder

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