Sika® F Stop

Sika® F-Stop is a liquid admixture specifically formulated to reduce the development of efflorescence. It meets the requirement of BS8443.


Sika® F-Stop has been specifically formulated to optimise coloured semi-dry
concrete with a very low moisture content, where minimised efflorescence is required.

  • Block Paving
  • Paving flags
  • Items for garden and landscape design e.g. segmental retaining walls
  • Building blocks and bricks


Sika® F-Stop offers significant benefits to the producer of semi-dry concrete products: -

  • Reduced efflorescence
  • Reduced adhesion/stickiness between top layer concrete and pressing head/tamper
  • Homogenous hydrophobic properties with reduced water absorption
  • Improved water repelling action
  • Improved dispersion and distribution of pigments
  • Improved and longer lasting product appearance
  • Improved uniformity of colour (colour fastness)
  • Improved resistance to freeze-thaw
  • Improved durability and life expectancy



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