Sika® Technologies for your Early and High Strength Concrete

Strength in concrete is referred to as “initial/early strength” or “ultimate /high


The critical factors influencing the strength of the concrete are:

  • The type of cement
  • The concrete admixtures
  • The concrete temperature
  • The water/cement ratio


Special Sika® ViscoCrete® products have been developed, which produce a significant increase in initial or ultimate strength. Due to the strong water reducing and plasticising effects of the Sika® ViscoCrete® technology, the water/cement ratio can be kept to a minimum and the optimum mix design can be developed.


If it is necessary to speed up the hydration process even further, SikaRapid®
technology will enable you to reach target strengths within hours.


  • Sika® ViscoCrete® to reduce water contents, improve rheology characteristics and cement hydration efficiency
  • SikaRapid® to improve early strength development and/or modified setting characteristics

Early and High Strength Concrete achieved with Sika® Technologies

The production of early and high strength concrete with Sika® ViscoCrete®
and/or SikaRapid® technology results in significant advantages:


For ready mixed concrete the advantages of early and high strength concrete are:

  • Faster construction time
  • Development of most cost efficient mix designs
  • Lower concrete consumption (when thinner elements can be designed)
  • Improved site capacity by increasing formwork rotation
  • Improved service life of structure


For precast concrete the advantages of a fast and defined strength development are:

  • Rapid rotation of moulds and finishing of concrete surfaces
  • Early pre-stressing at low temperatures
  • Reduced energy consumption for heat or steam curing
  • Development of most cost efficient mix designs
  • Reduced cycle times will allow the reduction of the number of moulds required

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