Semi-dry concrete is used for many different applications all over the UK such as paving stones, blocks and pipes. Its main advantage is the ability to keep its shape directly after compaction.


To achieve the desired appearance of the surfaces and meet the demands of the current standards the concrete should be designed with suitable selected locally available materials.


SikaPaver® and Sika® Plastiment® SD Technology improves the:

  • Homogeneous filling of moulds
  • Compactability of semi-dry concrete
  • Dispersion of colour pigments
  • Formation of cement paste on the flanks
  • Green strength directly after compaction
  • Uniform surface texture and product shape
  • Early strength after initial curing
  • Resistance against efflorescence
  • Frost and freeze/thaw resistance


With the use of SikaPaver® and Sika® Plastiment® SD technology it is possible to minimise everyday variations of the raw materials, achieve sufficient compaction of the semi-dry concrete and gain the desired uniform appearance of the final products.

  • SikaPaver® and Sika® Plastiment® SD provides a complete range of products for all semi-dry application

Semi-Dry Concrete achieved with Sika® Technologies

The properties of SikaPaver® and Sika® Plastiment® SD Technology are of considerable benefit to semi-dry concrete producers, specifiers and the final clients. SikaPaver® and Sika® Plastiment® SD Technology has helped to optimise both cost and technical aspects of semi-dry concrete production in compliance to demands of customers and standards.


Increasing the performance of the concreting process will make your concrete more cost-efficient with the following additional benefits:

  • Cost effective mix design (cement reduction)
  • Faster production with increased output
  • Reduced wear and tear of equipment
  • Fewer rejects
  • Reduced tendency of efflorescence
  • Brilliant colours
  • Improved durability

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