Why do bridges need strengthening?

If the existing steel reinforcement is reduced in capacity due to corrosion, if the traffic loads are increased (i.e. permissible axle weights), or if the structural design or seismic resistance needs improvement, then reinforced concrete bridges have to be strengthened, or strengthening systems to be applied.


  • High tensile resistance to reinforce and upgrade structurally deficient beams, slabs etc
  • Easy to install
  • Fast application  

Sika's Strengthening Products

Since 1991 Sika has also been a pioneer with the development of carbon fibre reinforced polymers based structural strengthening systems:


Sika® CarboDur®

Carbon fibre reinforced polymer based plate system

Used on:

  • Flexural Strengthening on bridge decks

Use with:

  • Sikadur®-30 (structural epoxy adhesive)



Sika® CarboDur® Plates - PDS | SDS

Sika® CarboDur® BC Rods - PDS | SDS


Example Project:

Hawley Bridge - Download Case Study

Sika® CarboShear®

Prefabricated L-shape carbon fibre plates

Used on:

Shear strengthening of beams

Use with:

Sikadur® - structural epoxy adhesive



Sika® CarboShear® - PDS | SDS

Sika® Bespoke UHM Plates

Ultra high modulus plates for cast iron structures

Used on:

  • Flexural Strengthening of bridge deck

Use with

  • Sikadur® - structural epoxy adhesive



Sika® CarboDur® UHM Plates - PDS | SDS


Example Project

London Underground - Download Case Study

Post Tensioning System: Sika® CarboStress

Sika® CarboStress

Post-tensioning system

Used on:

  • Flexural Strengthening on bridge decks



Sika® CarboStress® - PDS | SDS



Uni or bi-directional fabrics, based on glass or carbon fibre.

Used on:

  • Shear and Axial columns strengthening of beams or columns

Use with:

  • Sikadur® - structural epoxy adhesive



SikaWrap® 231C - PDS

SikaWrap® 300BI C/30 - PDS

SikaWrap® 301C - PDS

SikaWrap® 600C - PDS

SikaWrap® 900C - PDS

SikaWrap® 930G - PDS

SikaWrap® FX 50C - PDS


Application Manual - Wet Application

Application Manual - Dry Application

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