A comprehensive range of concrete repair, corrosion management and waterproof car park decking products from Sika has helped transform Chelmsford’s 1960’s High Chelmer multi-storey car park into a safer, more stylish and modern parking facility. Completed to such a high standard, the project was shortlisted in the Best Car Park Refurbishment category at the British Parking Awards 2012.


In March 2011, following the discovery of localised instances of concrete spalling due to expansive corrosion of the reinforcement bars, Chelmsford Borough Council acted upon professional advice from the structural and civil engineers to close High Chelmer Car Park and Retail Market to allow significant repairs and a full refurbishment to be completed.

Aiming to reopen the car park fully within 16 weeks, an efficient concrete repair solution with a proven track record was required. With market leading reliability and the ability to exceed the requirements of BS EN1504, the standard for concrete repair and protection, a complete concrete repair, corrosion management and waterproof decking system from Sika was specified.


During site inspections it was discovered that the car park required 1,500m2 of repairs – 50% more than the original figure of 1,000m2. It was anticipated that the concrete required repairs to a depth of 75mm, however, on commencement of work this was amended to 85mm.


Sika, offered a full range solution for the concrete repair, corrosion management using a combination of Sika® Galvashield® XP2 sacrificial anodes, Sika® Ferrogard®-903 migrating corrosion inhibitor and 120 tonnes of Sika® Armorcrete flowable micro concrete.

The car park decks were then waterproofed with 36,000kg of the highly durable and cost-effective Sikafloor®-161/-264 car park inter-deck system – finished in a range of colours to differentiate between each car park section. The soffits and columns were cleaned of contaminants using a jet washing process before being repaired using Sika MonoTop 615 concrete repair mortar and coated with an anti-carbonation coating. The refurbishment package was completed within an extended 21 week time frame. This allowed the car park to reopen in November 2011 – in perfect time for the busiest shopping period of the year.

High Chelmer Car Park
High Chelmer Car Park

Sika gives ageing High Chelmer car park new lease of life.

Download: High Chelmer Car Park, Case Study (pdf, 0,35 MB)