Our Refurbishment Solutions will Allow You to Significantly Extend the Life of Existing Car Parks

Regardless of how well designed or constructed car parks are, they can deteriorate virtually as soon as they go into service. If ignored, this can significantly affect their ability to generate income. Sika has been transforming car park environments for over 30 years and offers a single source solution to enable refurbishment work to be carried out with the minimum of disruption. Operating globally from over 70 countries, we have the extensive product range, expert knowledge and technical support to assist with your refurbishment project.

Our Wide Range For Car Parks Include

  • Decking systems for top, exposed and intermediate decks
  • Overlay systems for asphalt
  • Waterproofing and wearing surfaces for ramps
  • Joint sealing for façades and precast concrete
  • Concrete repair and protection
  • Floor and wall coatings for entrance areas, walkways and stairwells
  • And much more…

Experience and Expertise

Sika has an unparalleled track record of providing durable solutions for car park refurbishment. No car park project is too large or too small and over the years, we have rejuvenated thousands of car parks all around the world across a multitude of sectors, including:

  • Local authorities
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Offices
  • Leisure facilities
  • Retail parks
  • Supermarkets
  • Airports
  • Car park operators

Compliance to BS EN 1504

The European standard for repair mortars, protective coatings and waterproofing membranes is BS EN 1504. This waterproofing protection standard is based on the German equivalent Rili-DAfStb. The reason for following the German standard was because it was the most complete and complex standard for such applications; in fact it was the only standard that tested and categorised car park decking membranes. Therefore, this standard has had a significant influence on the development of the European standard (most of the test procedures within the German Standard have an EN number already).

A Question Often Asked is, "Why the German standard of importance to the new European Standard?"

  • It defines surface preparation, for all concrete repair systems, injection resins and protective coatings –therefore, it is easy to compare different systems and their capabilities in order to choose the best and most appropriate ones.


  • It is the only standard that includes decking membranes especially for car parks – therefore, the tested systems will provide a high level of certainty for the end user


  • It is approved by the German government (independent non-profitable organisation) – independent results to make an objective decision


  • It defines standardised testing methods – comparison of different systems and materials is easily possible


  • The tests within it reflect every possible exposure – to guarantee the applicability of systems

For example, the test method for the resin based decking systems, reflects every possible exposureon car parks, such as:

  • Artificial weathering (DIN 53384 – EN 1062-11)
  • Pull off tests in line with EN 13687
  • Abrasion/wear resistance test SRT (61) to DIN 51 963
  • Slip resistance test to ( DIN 51130 or EN 660)
  • Skid resistance test SRT (62) to BS 812
  • Artificial ageing for 7 days @ 70ºC (EN 660)
  • Chemical resistance test (EN 660)
  • Impact resistance test (EN ISO 6272

Test to determine crack bridging properties of decking system (EN1062- 7)

  • Dynamic and static of 0.3mm @ - 20˚C
  • Static of 0.1mm @ -10˚C

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