When concrete needs to be coated or levelled, smoothing mortars are necessary to fill the surface pores or honey combs. Sika offer different type of smoothing mortars for efficient application and/or fast coating.  

Sika® MonoTop® 620

Sika MonoTop-620 is a one component cementitious polymer modified mortar.


  • As a concrete pore sealer/levelling mortar/smoothing coat
  • Repairing minor defects
  • Thin layer render
  • Repairing pores and honeycombed concrete
  • For exterior and interior use


Characteristics and Advantages

  • Pre-bagged for quality
  • Just add water
  • Compatible with Sika® FerroGard® corrosion inhibitor
  • Compatible with SikaTop® and MonoTop® mortars
  • Overcoatable with Sikagard® coatings
  • Sprayable by wet spray method



Product Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet

Sikagard® 720 EpoCem®

SikaGard-720 EpoCem is a three part, epoxy modified cementitious, thixotropic, fine textured mortar for levelling and finishing of concrete, mortar or stone surfaces.


  • As a levelling layer over concrete and mortars
  • As a Temporary Moisture Barrier
  • As a pore sealer for the reprofiling, smoothing and levelling of concrete
  • In the food industry, as a levelling and smoothing layer for walls and covings


Characteristics and Advantages

  • Excellent protection of concrete in aggressive environments
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easy and fast application
  • Impervious to liquids but permeable to water vapour
  • Excellent bond to green or hardened concrete whether damp or dry
  • Contains no solvents



Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (Part A) | (Part B) | (Part C)

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