Sika produces a complete range of repair concretes and mortars, which are specifically designed for restoring or replacing the original profile and function of the damaged concrete.

All are in accordance with EN 1504-9 Principle 3 (CR) Concrete Restoration and compliant with EN 1504-3 Class R4.

Concrete repair mortars

Applying repair mortar by hand

Sika provides an extensive range of pre-batched hand applied mortars and systems for localised patch repairs. This includes chemically resistant materials to protect against the aggressive influences of acidic gases and liquids.


  • Sika® MonoTop® – pre-bagged, one-component, polymer and non-polymer modified, cement-based, hand applied mortars.
  • Sikadur® – pre-batched, epoxy resin based chemically resistant mortars.
Recasting/Pouring Repair Mortars and Concretes

Typical recasting repairs, which can also be described as “pourable” or “grouting” repairs, are employed when whole sections or larger areas of concrete replacement are required.

For example: in the replacement of all, or substantial parts of tower or chimney sections. 



  • Lowability and ability to move around obstructions.   
  • Can be poured in relatively thick sections without thermal shrinkage cracking.   
  • Hardened to provide a suitable finished surface, which is tightly closed and not cracked.


Pouring mortars from Sika®   

  • Sika MonoTop® – pre-bagged one-component, polymer and non-polymer modified cementitious pourable repair mortars.   
  • SikaRapid® – technology for high early strengths or continuous replacement concreting at low temperatures.
Spray Applied Repair Mortars

Spray applied materials are particularly useful for large volume concrete replacement, for providing additional concrete cover, or in any areas with difficult access for concrete pouring. 


Dry Spray

The SikaCem® is a polymer modified and cement-bound products with the capability of being sprayed over large distances and up to 180 m high with the correct equipment.   

  • SikaCem® Gunite®-133 - High density, low permeability and strengthen suitable for large dry repairs. 


Wet Spray

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