Sika supplied the concrete repair, protection and anti-carbonation system to replenish the façade of a celebrated town landmark.

Chatterton Water Tower in Spalding has been a long-standing feature of the area’s landscape. At 30 metres-high, it dominates the town centre’s local bus station which it overlooks, whilst its distinctive tulip fascia has made it a stand-out feature throughout its 62-year existence.

However, time and the elements had taken their toll on the tower’s surface, leading to its refurbishment for minor repairs involving the removal of flaking and algae growth. Requiring a proven, durable concrete repair, protection and anti-carbonation system, contractors, Concrete Repair Ltd, in conjunction with clients, Anglican Water, turned to Sika for the necessary solution.  

Before Application

With refurbishment work starting in March 2017, in preparation for the protective coatings, the tower’s 4,000m2 surface was prepared to remove dirt and other impurities. After breaking out defective concrete and cleaning the exposed reinforcement, Sika Monotop®-610, a high-performance, one-component, cementitious, polymer-modified slurry was then applied.  

Sika Monotop®-610 simply required mixing with water to provide a superb, reinforcement corrosion protection coating and bonding primer in preparation for concrete repairs using Sika Monotop®-615. This concrete repair mortar – which also requires nothing more than simple water mixture for preparation – is the perfect reinforcement mortar for delaminated, weak, damaged and deteriorated concrete.

Sikagard®-675 W GB ElastoColor was then installed. Easy to apply, the system prevents water ingress and is suitable for a range of concrete structures as an anti-weathering, two-way vapour permeable solution to stop pollutants and water penetrating into the concrete matrix whilst protecting the internal reinforcement.  

Olu Ogunwale, Senior Contracts Manager at Concrete Repair Ltd, said: “The Sika products were superb in repairing and protecting the tower’s surface. They were very easy to use, and provided the perfect base with which to restore the tower’s aesthetic qualities. We were very pleased.”

After Application

The tower’s restoration was completed in October 2017 to the client’s full satisfaction. This outstanding town landmark is now looking as smart as it did when it was first built in 1955. Thanks to the robust properties of Sika’s dual concrete protection system, it will remain a much-admired fixture on Spalding’s town centre horizon for many years to come.