Roof and concrete repair is vital for the upkeep of buildings, particularly ones of historical interest that do much to uphold the country’s architectural heritage. As of 2016 there were 377,587 listed buildings in England, a good many of which will contain a flat roof atop a concrete façade.  

Pitch-less roofs unadorned by modern drainage features are susceptible to ponding, which can lead to blistering to the roof’s surface and valuable assets within the building becoming damaged. Exterior concrete elements such as soffits and parapets are also at risk of deterioration due to long-term

Identification process

Prevention is better than cure; therefore, in order to avoid costly repairs incurred by long-standing water damage, a concrete survey can detect corrosion and diagnose the best way to treat it before it becomes a major issue. Sika’s corrosion survey is carried out in lieu of any repairs, measuring the rate of delamination, its source and the effect on the concrete.  

It also helps identify the correct products and systems to use as part of a refurbishment programme. The Sika survey includes a visual assessment of the corrosion damage in the form of an investigation of dust samples for chloride content; cover meter reading and a test for levels of carbonation. A factual report based on the findings is then drawn-up and implemented as necessary.  

It ought to go without saying, but a roof survey is also advised when a leak emanates from that area and threatens to cause long-term damage to surrounding concrete features. As part of an assessment, Sika Liquid Plastics Area Technical Managers in cold-applied liquid roofing and waterproofing conduct a full survey, including core samples if applicable, to ascertain the roof’s construction and the condition of the substrate. A full specification of the repair solution is produced; with the project being monitored through to full completion by highly-experienced Field Technicians to ensure the highest quality workmanship from Sika’s Quality Assured Contractors before sign-off. Other methods employed as part of a recommended pre-repair programme include moisture and thermographic readings. At Sika, the Technical Services Team offer full support throughout their bespoke specification, which can be supplemented with U-Value calculations, CAD drawings, BIM objects and thermographic imagery.   

Joint repair solution

Sika provided the products and expertise when concrete and roof repairs were carried out during the refurbishment of two stand-out, Grade II-listed buildings – the Hoover Building in Perivale, west London during its transformation into a luxury residential complex, and the Cunard, a former Second World War air raid shelter, now a high-end office block situated in a desirable dockyard location.

Much of our history is stored within the fabric of our buildings. Therefore, by providing the joint expertise and quality products to repair and prevent further corrosion in aged roofs and concrete walls, Sika’s single, quality solution simplifies the refurbishment process for the client whilst doing much to preserve the country’s structural heritage for generations to come.