Sika provided a seminar which showcased a variety of concrete repair and corrosion-control solutions to engineers, specifiers and clients from the highways and rail industries.


Held over two days at Sika’s Preston site, representatives of the company’s technical and training teams led nearly 50 visitors through a fascinating programme involving informative presentations and practical demonstrations.

Ronnie Turner, Sika Infrastructure Manager, opened proceedings with a talk on the importance of concrete repair strategies in the highways and rail sectors in accordance with the standard BS EN 1504. He also outlined Sika product developments in spray and flowable repairs, anti-graffiti and grouts.

The second presentation was provided by Peter McCloskey, UK Sales Manager at Vector Corrosion Technologies, leaders in corrosion control and a valued Sika partner. Peter highlighted the methods and science behind different corrosion management solutions using cathodic protection, as well as the systems which monitor the success of the anodes. He also showcased a number of UK-based applications where galvanic anodes have been successfully used in controlling corrosion within the different sectors.   


A practical demonstration on best practice and application methods for Sika's Total Corrosion Management systems was hosted by Jamie Squires, a member of the Refurbishment Applications team. It took place in the Sika UK training academy and also focused on protective coatings, anti-graffiti, hand-based and flowable concrete repairs, and carbon fibre structural strengthening.

Ronnie Turner briefs our guests ahead of the demonstration

Jamie Squires delivers the demonstration into Sika's concrete repair and corrosion management solutions.

Mark Shaw, Sika Refurbishment Technical Manager, gave the final presentation – an in-depth insight into the importance of carbon fibre structural strengthening within both industries, as well as relevant case studies Sika has previously been involved with.

Ronnie Turner, Infrastructure Manager - Refurbishment at Sika Limited

“It was a hugely successful two days involving key decision makers from the rail and highways industries,” he said. “Sincere thanks to all those who attended, and the Sika representatives for sharing their superb knowledge and presentation skills with our visitors.”


“And with the success of the northern launches, we will be bringing the same format to our southern office later in the year".