Sika provided the fully-fleeced, waterproof flooring system to upgrade a failing town centre car park and secure its long-term protection against damage caused by water ingress.


The bituminous waterproofing membrane covering the upper deck of the five-storey car park in Abbey Walk, Grimsby had begun to de-bond from the surface, leading to surface rainwater ponding in areas.

It was decided a rapid-setting, waterproof membrane system with wearing system was required for the roof decks’ surface to preserve the building’s long-term functionality. Clients, North East Lincolnshire County Council, in conjunction with Engie, selected Sikafloor® RB-58 Pronto, a multi-layered, robust, watertight, crack bridging system.


Contractors faced a challenging timeframe to complete the surface refurbishment. Firstly, the car park’s roof deck was exposed to the elements, meaning the window of opportunity to apply the system in the necessary dry conditions was potentially very small. Also, disruption to shoppers and nearby traders needed to be minimalised, therefore the car park deck needed to be restored to full operation as quickly as possible. Sikafloor® RB-58 Pronto’s rapid-cure properties helped solve both issues.  

Prior to installation, the roof deck was stripped of its existing surface. Sikafloor-RB-58 Pronto system was then applied. Firstly, Sikafloor®-11 Pronto-fast-curing primer was applied to the decks’ 2,200m2 substrate. To fully-strengthen the base coat, which also included hard wearing Sikafloor®-32 Pronto, Sika® Reemat Premium, was applied. A further layer of Sikafloor®-32 Pronto was used to encapsulate the Reemat, and once cured, Sikafloor®-32 Pronto filled with 1:2 Sikafloor® - Pronto Filler, was installed. This was followed by a proprietary Sika aggregate which added an extra layer for durability and slip resistance.


Sikafloor®-18 Pronto, which has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, , solvent-free coloured sealing coat. Sikafloor® RB-58 Pronto system, which also comes with a 10-year warranty, has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 1062-7 for dynamic crack bridging class B 4.2. This test is carried out at a temperature of -20°C, a harsher environment than even the UK winter normally provides.


Thanks to the speed and ease of its installation, the Sikafloor-RB-58 Pronto system ensured the Abbey Walk refurbishment was carried out with minimal disruption to the general public and nearby businesses. The building is now fully-protected against the long-term perils of water ingress to offer motorists a safe and convenient town centre parking space for many years to come.