This range includes the Sika® Galvashield® and Ebonex® range of embedded galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection anodes – both world-renowned and cost-effective corrosion control systems. These products protect embedded metals in concrete and masonry structures including bridges, buildings, multi-storey car parks, marine structures and industrial facilities.

Galvanic Sacrificial Anode Systems

Galvanic systems provide dependable protection through the use of sacrificial anodes. As there is no need for an external power source, galvanic systems are a popular choice for effective low maintenance corrosion mitigation.

Impressed Current Systems

Impressed current cathodic protection systems are installed to provide a high level of corrosion mitigation. These systems utilise inert anodes to distribute protective current to the reinforcing steel. Impressed current systems should be monitored and maintained over time to ensure their effectiveness.