Sika offers a full range of systems required for the technically correct repair and protection of concrete to meet EN 1504.

From protection against ingress to control of anodic areas, the BS 11 Principles allow engineers to specify the appropriate solution for any situation.

Sika® Ferrogard®-903

Sika® Ferrogard®-903+ is a unique blend of non toxic, organic corrosion inhibitor based on amino alcohol and salts of amino alcohol technology, designed for use as an impregnation on hardened reinforced concrete.


Sika® Ferrogard®-903+ is a multifunctional inhibitor which controls the cathodic and anodic reactions. This dual action effect significantly retards both the onset and the rate of corrosion and increases the time to future maintenance.


Sika® Ferrogard®-903+ is normally applied as part of a corrosion management strategy.


It is compatible and a component of all the Sika concrete repair and protection systems.

Sika® Ferrogard®-903+ is applied as an impregnation by spray, roller or brush onto the surface of the concrete.

The Performance of Sika® Ferrogard®-903+

Protective Layer

Sika® Ferrogard®-903+ forms an adsorbed protective film on the reinforcement. The process of forming this protective film takes place in carbonated concrete and chloride contaminated concrete.


Delay of the Corrosion Process

  • The dissolution of the iron in contact with water will be reduced thanks to this passivating protective film
  • This film is also a barrier to the reduction of oxygen which will be prevented



Sika® Ferrogard®-903+ is applied as an impregnation by spray, roller or brush onto the surface of the concrete. The corrosion inhibitor penetrates into the concrete and protects the reinforcement by forming a protective film on the steel surface. Through this the onset of corrosion is delayed and the rate of corrosion reduced.

SIKA® Margel VPI 580

Sika® Margel VPI 580 is a vapour phase corrosion inhibitor, which is inserted within the concrete structure close to the reinforcing steel. The product has been specifically developed to ensure the corrosion inhibiting vapours are released over a period of 12 months. This results in a well bonded layer of corrosion inhibitor around the reinforcing steel resulting in a passivated protective layer that blocks chloride, water and oxygen.


This system is particularly useful when existing coatings cannot be removed or reinforcement needs protecting and is located at depths greater than Sika® Ferrogard®-903+ can penetrate.