Life Care Planning

Why a life care plan? Safe Asset, Sound Structure

Every car park owner or operator has a legal duty to maintain the parking facility in such a manner that it does not endanger the people using it. Previous poor housekeeping has resulted in catastrophic collapses risking not only the general public but the reputation of the car park industry.

At the outset, a life care plan appraises the parking structure’s physical condition ensuring the early identification of defects and specific short and long-term maintenance needs. This approach can prevent the future development of serious structural defects and avoid a potentially expensive and disruptive programme of remedial works.

In addition to the owner or operator’s duty of care obligations, there are compelling commercial reasons too in ensuring awell maintained parking structure. A closed or restricted access car park results in dramatic reductions of revenue combined with a loss of footfall. The combined effect can be equally catastrophic as valuable customers are lost to neighbouring‘competitor’ parking facilities.

Typical Contents of a life care plan include:

  • As-built information including drawing and photographs
  • Records of previous works, surveys and investigations
  • Routine inspections and visual surveillance
  • Tests to identify levels of chloride ingress, cover to reinforcement and electrical potential testing for corrosion
  • Full appraisal of the structure carried out by a suitable qualified structural engineer
  • Budget costings for repair and maintenance
  • Recommendations for a programme of future works to include time scales of required remedial actions

Sika are offering a free service which will include the following elements forming part of the life care plan:

Car Park Maintenance

Coatings for multi-storey car parks are exposed to different types of loads such as thermal, mechanical and chemical stresses. The concrete surface must be protected not only from damaging aspects such as water, chloride, fuels, oils or battery acids, but also the coating of the floors must bear strong mechanically and abrasive loads when driven over. At the same time high requirements in terms of aesthetics and durability have to be fulfilled. An optimal and regular care of the coating supports their preservation of value and thus ensures long protective function. Especially in the cold and wet season the slip resistance for the floor of the car park becomes very important.

The intensity and the frequency of the cleaning intervals depend strongly on the frequency of the use, weather conditions and the situation of the surfaces in the multi-storey car park.The decision of whether an individual multi storey car park must be cleaned daily, weekly, monthly or annually, can be specified only in accordance with the individual local conditions. Therefore, an optimal cleaning plan will be setup only after a certain trial period.

For the different requirements and conditions indifferent individual projects, individual investigation of the assigned machines, procedures and chemicals is recommended. The selection of the machines depends strongly on the size of the surfaces which have to be maintained and the spatial conditions (e.g. passage heights, downward gradients). Therefore please always seek advice from your local cleaning company or the manufacturer of cleaning agents or/and equipment.