Intermediate & Internal Car Park Decking Systems

Given the choice, people will always park in light and bright car parks where they feel that they, their car and it’s contents will be safe and secure. Sika's car park decking systems can be designed to the desired colour scheme of your choice, allowing you to provide a bright environment where users will feel comfortable.

Sika's decking systems for intermediate and internal car park decks also ensure a safe, slip resistant walking surface, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and elastomeric waterproofing qualities to cope with the daily rigours of constant traffic. 

Systems: Intermediate Decks

Broadcast Rigid Deck System

Total layer thickness: 2 - 4 mm

Solvent free, durable epoxy resin car park deck system.  Broadcast highly durable rigid wearing surface for intermediate decks in multi-storey and under-ground car parks. Tested in accordance with BSEN1504.

Complies with German OS8  Standard.


Broadcast Fast Cure Flexible Deck System

Total layer thickness: 2 - 4 mm

Fast Curing PMMA car park deck system.  System designed for rapid installations at low temperatures. For trafficable, slip resistant wearing layers to car park intermediate decks.

Tested in accordance with BSEN1504.

Monolithic Finish for Concrete

Ready to use, coloured mineral dry shake comprising of cement, specially selected quartz mineral aggregates, admixtures and pigments. applied to fresh concrete prior to power-floating

Broadcast Moisture Resistant Deck System

Total layer thickness: 3 - 4 mm

Epoxy/Cement  based temporary Moisture Barrier (TMB) and deck system  applied over high moisture content substrates, even green concrete. Durable finish.