Construction Joint Injection

Sika® Injection-101

Temporary waterstopping agent.

Sika® Injection-201-CE

Permanent watertight sealant with some flexibility to abosrb movement in dry, damp or water-bearing cracks and joints. Sika Injection-201-CE is a very low viscous, elastic and solvent-free polyurethane injection resin. In contact with water, a uniform, closed and therefore watertight pore structure forms, which is elastic and flexible.

Sika® Injection-304

Provides a new Sealant surface in damp or water saturated ground conditions. Sika Injection-304 is a very low viscous, elastic and very quick-gelling polyacrylic injection gel. The material reacts to form a waterproof, elastic but solid gel with good adhesion to both dry and wet substrates.