Protective Coatings for Steel

SikaCor® 6630

Steel and galvanized surface weather resistant coating. Icosit 6630 high-solid is a low-solvent, oxidative drying high-build coating based on a specially modified synthetic resin combination with active corrosion protection pigments.

SikaCor® EG 120

Multifunctional corrosion protection top coat. 2-component polyurethane top coat with excellent chalking resistance and colour retention.

SikaCor® EG 1

A fast curing, two component epoxy resin system containing micaecous iron oxide for low temperatures, providing a high build chemically and abrasion resistant coating direct to new or weathered galvanized and an intermediate coating for steel.

SikaCor® EG 5

2-component polyurethane finishing coat for galvanized and steel structures Cleaner: Thinner EG