Sika Solutions for Corrosion and Fire Protection

Sika can provide economic, durable and reliable coatings for protecting steel structures against fire and corrosion. Our products can also withstand the effects of extreme weathering, mechanical abrasion and chemical attack. In addition our solutions have the advantage of long life, low volatile organic compoung (VOC) content and pleasing aesthetics.

Sika has achieved success all over the world protecting many different types of buildings. Typical examples include industrial structures, infrastructure projects, power plants, wind farms and petrochemical facilities.

Sika Solutions for Hygienic Coatings

Sika has extensive experience in providing hygienic coating solutions. Our products meet the customer needs and fulfil a wide range of functions according to the application fields they are used for, e.g. clean room specifications, hospital and healthcare establishments and low VOC requirements.

The Sikagard hygiene range of coatings are designed for walls and ceilings in hygiene sensitive areas. Our high quality products are designed to meet the latest technical requirements and comply with all regulations and standards.

Sika Brand Value

The Sika brand is recognised in the world as a leading supplier for high-quality technical solutions in the construction market.

Global Presence

Sika specialist coating products and systems are widely specified worldwide. They are used in all kind of hospitals and healthcare establishments, nuclear, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, beverage, chemical and electronic industries. Our sales force and technical team are located close to the customers in more than 75 countries.


Sika specialists provide extensive support to project owners, architects and engineers in the planning, design and specification phase.


Sika hygiene coatings are following the requirement of National and International standards. The Sikagard range contain state of the art products specifically developed for floor, wall and ceiling coatings in cleanroom environments.