SikaWrap® FX Fibre Connectors are prepared dry bundles of Carbon or glass fibres which can be used in different configurations.

Product Available

  • SikaWrap® FX-50C



Product Data Sheet | Technical Manual


  • End anchorage of SikaWrap® Fabrics
  • Near Surface Mounted (NSM) Reinforcement
  • Shear strengthening


  • Improved connection of the SikaWrap® fabric with the substrate
  • Anchorage and force transfer into beams or top slabsNo cutting through top slabs is necessary
  • Installation uses standard site anchoring equipment
  • Strengthening of any substrate surface geometry
  • Continuous tows, with no splicing necessary
  • Ideal combination with end-anchorage solutions
  • Minimal breakout is required and only small holes need to be drilled
  • Strengthening of any beam shape is possible
  • Less substrate preparation is necessary

SikaWrap® Application

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