Sika® CarboShear® L-shaped shear links

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Pre-prepared end section to provide excellent anchorage
  • Available in four dimensions
  • Well defined anchoring
  • The length of both legs can easily be adjusted
  • No drilling through the top slab is required
  • Sika CarboShear L-Profiles for shear strengthening
  • Easy installation
  • Overlapping with Sika CarboShear links for improved end anchorage of the Sika® Carbodur® plates

Product Available

Sika® CarboShear® L

  • Carbon fibre shear links, width 40mm, thickness 2.0mm



Product Data Sheet

How to Install

CarboShear® is used as an alternative to side only or u-wrapped shear reinforcement configurations.

Shear key with Sikadur®-30 Adhesive

  • Pre-prepared on site and fully cured before installation
  • Effective anchoring of the full CFRP profile strength

Anchoring Holes

  • Cut into the top slab where required and to avoid mainreinforcement by core drilling or special saws

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