Sika is at the forefront in the supply of a diverse and comprehensive range of flooring systems for the healthcare market.

We have extensive expertise and experience in helping establishments in the sector to find the right floor for the right purpose.

We know how imperative for all flooring to be ultra hygienic and clinically clean. Surface finishes need to meet the strictest infection control, hygiene and health and safety standards, alongside looking great.

Our high performance technology complies with all health and safety regulations, providing an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable finish to keep all patients, visitors and staff safe.

The selection of suitable flooring is an important factor in the prevention of slips, as required by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. But slip and trip accidents in the healthcare sector needn’t be a concern with our help.

Sika’s hospital flooring is abrasion and slip resistant- the perfect solution when floors gets wet or contaminated and slippery.

Flooring for Hospital Wards

Arguably the most demanding environment, wards need to be comfortable for patients, visitors and staff. Floors need to be slip and abrasion resistant, have a low cost maintenance regime (no wax, no polish), and provide a seamless flooring solution. Sika flooring solutions are also aesthetically pleasing offering numerous design and colour options.


Polyurethane Flooring

Hospital Entrance

The first point of contact for visitors, the entrance and reception areas must have aesthetic appeal, as well as being hard wearing and simple to clean. At Sika we understand the importance of a floor that also adheres to all the regulations yet provides a professional and attractive floor for the entrance and reception areas.



Decorative Epoxy Flooring


With continuous use throughout the day, corridors have to be slip resistant, seamless, comfortable, have good rolling resistance (for trolleys), easy to clean, as well as being aesthetically appealing to visitors and staff. At Sika, we have worked with many healthcare facilities and understand the importance of good flooring for corridors.



Polyurethane Flooring | Decorative Epoxy Flooring


Theatre flooring is performance and functionality led and Sika flooring solutions exceed the requirements of the Hospital Building Note HBN00-10.Due the highly sensitive electronic devices used in theatres which emanate electrostatic discharges, hospital operating theatre flooring must be dissipative in order to protect staff and the patient.

Theatre floors need to be slip resistant, completely seamless and easy to maintain to offer the maximum hygienic flooring solution. At Sika, we understand all the components which are necessary to supply flooring for theatres.

Wetrooms and Showers

Slip resistance properties are of paramount importance when installing a flooring solution in a wetroom or shower. It is also important to have a barefoot flooring system suitable for patients that meets the DIN standard 51097 as well as system suitable for carers wearing shoes.Sika safety flooring systems provides an easy to maintain flooring surface due to its unique formulation. Sika is able to install a wet room for all surfaces, from floor to ceiling and walls, all completely seamless and will discuss the best options to suit your requirements.



Polyurethane Flooring

Bathrooms & Toilets

An essential requirement for any bathroom or toilet facility is a hygienic and easy to clean floor which is slip resistant, seamless so as to keep out bacteria, as well as being comfortable for patients, staff and visitors. With Sika floors, there’s a floor for every surface so your requirements can be easily met.



Polyurethane Flooring


Antimicrobial flooring is essential for a sterile environment in a laboratory where research & development takes place, as well as adhering to regulatory requirements, ensuring safety is paramount. Sika has been providing seamless, advanced flooring to the medical profession and has years of experience and expertise in this field.

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