With constant footfall by students, children, teachers and lecturers, educational facilities need seamless, durable and slip resistant flooring, as well as adhering to the highest regulatory standards around fire and health & safety. With Sika you can be sure of a floor which meets all these stringent requirements.

Classrooms, Lecture Theatres & Training Rooms

Flooring in a classroom, lecture theatre or training room has to be aesthetically pleasing for both students and teachers. We at Sika can offer the most extensive range, colour pallette and design options when specifying flooring for classrooms, lecture theatres and training rooms. Through the years, Sika has worked with many schools, universities and nurseries, understanding the array of flooring requirements.  


Corridors are one of, if not the most trafficked area within any educational setting requiring a durable, hard wearing flooring solution. Sika flooring systems are capable of incorporating passive signage to enable students, staff and visitors to navigate around the facility.

Noise reduction is another important factor to take into account when specifying flooring for an educational facility and our flooring systems can reduce impact and sound by 19db. Cleaning and maintenance regimes are also reduced due to the unique flooring composition.



Polyurethane Flooring | Decorative Epoxy Flooring


Toilets and bathrooms are one of the most highly used areas within any educational setting. Ensuring the flooring remains free from bacteria, hygienically clean and has slip resistant properties is imperative.

When specifying flooring for wet areas such as showers and toilets there is a HSE requirement for a slip resistance pendulum result of a minimum of 36, measured with a 4S rubber pad and Sika flooring systems exceed this requirement.

Sika offers a comprehensive range of slip resistant flooring to choose from which also comes with a professional adviser to assist at every stage.



Polyurethane Flooring | Decorative Epoxy Flooring

Changing Rooms & Showers

These must be functional, slip resistant (conforms to DIN standard 51130) yet comfortable flooring for the high numbers of students and pupils who regularly use the changing rooms. When installed this flooring system is seamless and simple to clean, ensuring bacteria is non-existent. Sika’s professional experts will help guide you to make the right choice of floor, keeping costs to a minimum and hygiene to a maximum.

Dining Rooms

With staff, pupils and students coming and going throughout the day, a dining room has to be welcoming and convivial. Therefore an appealing and attractive floor is important, as well as being stain resistant to ensure spills can easily be removed along with being slip resistant.

At Sika, with years of flooring experience, we understand the need to specify flooring in accordance with the HSE requirements, whilst also creating welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environments.



Polyurethane Flooring | Decorative Epoxy Flooring


With experiments being undertaken using a variety of chemicals, the floor is exceptionally important in a laboratory, as it has to be stain and chemical resistant.

Slip resistant is equally as important with accidental spillages that can occur in such environments. Sika's flooring solutions exceed the HSE requirements for slip resistance. With years of flooring experience, Sika is able to guide and recommend what will give the best performance.



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