Automotive Industry Flooring

From assembly plants, production and manufacturing, each area requires a specialist floor which can sustain heavy impact night and day and all through the year.


Protects against electrostatic discharge, no conditioning of electrical properties required.

BREATH OF FRESH AIR -  Low odour and low VOC

LOW MAINTENANCE - Easy to repair and maintain

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. That’s why Sika created its unique Sikafloor® ESD (Electro Static Discharge), DIF (Dissipative Flooring) and ECF (Electrically Conductible Flooring) systems. They not only protect your work environment against electrostatic discharge but they also deliver proper grounding of the human body and footwear. This diverse line of coatings allows you to customise your system to your own tastes. Safety never looked so stylish.

Sika has solutions for all flooring areas in an automotive production plant including:

Production Facilities

Production plants traditionally accommodate mechanical moving pieces of equipment which need tough flooring to endure constant traffic, high footfall abrasion resistence and improve working conditions for people working day and night in production.Sika also produce a range of anti static and electro static dissipative floors that can also prevent damage to electronic components during production.At Sika we have years of experience and have worked on many similar projects.

Storage & Warehousing

Supporting the motoring industry, there’s a requirement for vast storage space to house the various elements utilised in the construction of the vehicle which requires tough, smooth, hard wearing flooring suitable for forklift pallet trucks and HGV's. Sika’s large range of technologically advanced flooring has the ideal solution.

Plant Rooms & Bunds

Behind the motor industry, there are plant rooms which host pipe work, electric mains and tanks, amongst many other elements which ensure its smooth running. Plant rooms in particular must adhere to a range of regulations, as well as durable flooring and Sika has the expertise in both these sectors.

With a variety of fluids involved in the production of vehicles, Sika offer a variety of highly chemically resistant systems for tanks and bunds.

Sales Areas

If ‘first impressions last’, install the best flooring system which not only looks fantastic to the customer but can easily exhibit the range of cars for sale. At Sika we recognise the importance of providing a high quality to finish, as well as ensuring our floors meet all the statutory requirements.

Typical Systems

Decorative Epoxy Flooring

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