NEW: SikaScreed® Rapid-75

Product Description:

SikaScreed® Rapid-75 is a polymer modified, rapid setting, load bearing and over-coatable, horizontal levelling mortar that is designed for application in a minimum layer thickness of 12 mm. It is shrinkage compensated, plus it has high abrasion resistance and compressive strength.


  • SikaScreed® Rapid-75 is a floor screed to form ramps, level or raise concrete floors at a thickness between 12–75mm in one working step.
  • SikaScreed® Rapid-75 is useable as screed for industrial service conditions on it's own but especially when sealed with a PU or EP resin top coat from medium to high load (heavy-traffic + forklift pallet truck with impact load).
  • SikaScreed® Rapid-75 is useable as screed for exterior and interior areas.
  • Pre-bagged for quality
  • Just add water
  • High early strength
  • Rapid setting
  • Contains no chloride admixtures
  • Non corrosive to steel
  • Can be overcoated

Product Description

SikaScreed® K Rapid screeding additive for site batched screeds is used to quickly reduce the level of retained moisture within the screed allowing floor coverings to be laid over the screed much sooner than with conventional screeds. SikaScreed® K Rapid gains strength quickly, facilitating early access by following trades.

SikaScreed® K Rapid is supplied as a concentrate and used in low dilution. It promotes rapid drying and a reduced waiting time prior to the application of floor coverings such as sheet vinyl, tiles and other materials including the range of Sikafloor® products.


SikaScreed® K Rapid screeds are suitable for both commercial and industrial high traffic fast track applications where a final floor finish is required. SikaScreed® K Rapid screeds can be laid in the following situations:

  • Over concrete slabs
  • Over existing screeds 
  • On to damp proof membranes, minimum thickness 35mm bonded to Sikadur®-32 unbonded 50mm minimum on bitumen or sheet membranes
  • On insulating board (minimum thickness 65mm)
  • Unbonded (minimum thickness 50mm)


Characteristics / Advantages 

  • Will accept foot traffic after 24 hours @ 20 °C 
  • Compatible with the Sikafloor® range of resins
  • Rapid drying—can receive floor coverings such as vinyl, tiles and carpet after 8 days at 50mm thick and 15 days at 75mm
  • Rapid early strength development
  • Liquid admixture disperses quickly and fully in the gauging liquid
  • Apply as a bonded screed from 35mm, unbonded from 50mm and floating from 65mm
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Compressive strength in excess of 40N/mm² can be achieved after 28 days, see mix design
  • Suitable for screed pump
  • Concentrated admixture saves packaging waste


Product Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet

SikaScreed® HardTop 60

High strength, rapid hardening, floor levelling mortar.

Product Description

SikaScreed® HardTop-60 is a soft plastic consistency, polymer modified, fast curing, rapid load bearing and over-coatable, horizontal levelling mortar that is designed for application in a minimum layer thickness of 8 mm. It is almost shrinkage-free during hardening and curing, plus it has very high abrasion resistance and compressive strength.


SikaScreed® HardTop-60 is particularly suitable for the following uses due to its rapid drying, almost shrinkage-free hardening, high abrasion resistance and compressive strength:

  • Minor and major repairs to heavily stressed, industrial concrete flooring with full usability from 24 hours.
  • Rapidly coatable levelling mortar for Sikafloor resin-based flooring systems.



Product Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet

SikaScreed® P-24

Rapid hardening ternary cement binder for rapid hardening floor screeds.

Product Description

SikaScreed® P-24 is a ternary cement binder for the production of low-shrinkage cement screeds for rapid use and covering.  


Suitable for heated and unheated screeds that are laid bonded or unbounded, over insulation or monolithically for interior use,with the capability for pedestrian traffic after 5 hours and covering after 24 hours, with all types of flooring.



Product Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet

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