Anti-Static Flooring

Sika has continued to strengthen its position as a worldwide market leader in providing advanced flooring technology for many different applications.


In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss.


Our diverse range of ESD and Conductive industrial flooring solutions not only meet but exceed all of the latest standards and requirements for both new and refurbishment works.


Eliminate static electricity and minimise the risk of damage in sensitive electronic environments where electronic goods are handled with Sika’s anti static, static dissipative safety flooring solutions.


Where is Anti-Static flooring required?

Sika's Anti-Static Flooring Systems

Sika’s extensive flooring products and systems have been specially researched and developed to disperse static electricity effectively.


Conductive floors in specific sectors- for example in areas where Explosive Atmospheres or Substances are handled- is imperative to save lives.


But an electrostatic charge, which occurs during materials contact and separation, has to be discharged via an earthing point. Don’t forget Sika provides the Sikafloor® Earthing Kit, a unique tool box containing all of the necessary components for ensuring long term performance.


Please note, before applying an ESD, conductive or dissipative flooring system, Sika always recommends a detailed assessment and for appropriate values to be agreed and accepted by all of the parties involved.


View our complete range of Sika Flooring Systems and check out all Flooring Case Studies to see our flooring technologies at their best.

Anti-Static Systems

Sikafloor-220W Conductive
Sikafloor-262 AS N
Sikafloor-262 AS N Thixo
2-component water based epoxy conductive intermediate
2-component solvent free epoxy anti-static self smoothing screed 2-component solvent free
thixotropic epoxy anti-static
coating for textured/structured
Sikafloor-381 ECF Sikafloor-390 ECF Sikafloor-235 ESD
2-component epoxy resin anti-static
self smoothing screed.
High chemical resistance
2-component epoxy resin anti-static
self smoothing screed.
High chemical resistance
2-component electrostatic
dissipative self smoothing
epoxy resin
Sikafloor-230 ESD
Sika Earthing Kit
2 component electrostatic
dissipative epoxy resin seal
For connecting to earth.  

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