Non-Slip Flooring

As part of any maintenance plan - minimising the risk of slips and falls is a top priority, as these are amongst the most common types of injuries in the workplace. These types of accidents account for about 86% of total injuries, and 90% of these happen due to the floor being wet. These injuries obviously have an impact on the individual hurt first and foremost but secondary to that they also affect a company who could be financially liable as well as the costs incurred by of loss of staff and productivity.



To minimise trips and falls the first measure would be to make sure the floor is clean and dry. However, this is not always possible, especially in environments such as production and food manufacture. There can sometimes be conflict between the cleaning maintenance required for health and hygiene and the surface roughness of the floor to prevent slips trips and falls.



When selecting the texture of the floor surface for required slip-resistance, the four most important issues to consider are degree of contamination, applied cleaning regime, slopes, and the shoes or boots that personnel are wearing.

Also each business and facility has its own set of requirements that the flooring needs to match up to including factors such as impact resistance, rolling load resistance, wear resistance, safety regulations, antistatic performance, chemical or fire resistance and increasingly, quick and efficient installation.

Our product systems can be customised to meet your bespoke specification whilst at the same time complying with government regulations, meaning you have a flooring system with the elements you want and need to make it safe and functional.  

Our team of regional technical managers can meet with you to look at the best safety flooring solution for your facility making recommendations about the most suitable solutions possible to maintain the right levels of slip resistance.  

Sika UK understands how important safety is for many industrial and commercial environments.


Slips, trips and falls are one of the leading causes for accidents in the workplace which is why ultra safe, non-slip flooring is so imperative.


Sika manufacture a diverse range of anti-slip flooring solutions that will make your floors safer, cleaner and longer lasting; ideal for an array of settings including restaurants, gyms, and hospitals such as:



All durable safety flooring products meet the very highest industry standards, complying with HSE guidelines. Better still, they’re designed with various non-slip surface finishes incorporating style and quality, with a guaranteed lifetime slip-resistance performance for peace of mind.


As a market leader in the supply of innovative flooring technology, trust Sika’s most advanced flooring technology to prevent accidents in your industrial and commercial sector.


We’ve been leading the flooring market for decades; rest assured we can help supply the right flooring solution for your premise needs.

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