All technical information outlining associated accreditations and testing for each product can be found on their respective System and Product Data Sheets. Please see our Download Section for further information.   

Specialised Products and Solutions

Cleanroom Suitable Products

The number of products which have to be produced and processed under cleanroom conditions is constantly growing, from electronics and automotive components to food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In many of these industries, cleanroom manufacturing plus a high degree of component cleanliness are now essential to achieve their desired product quality.


Many Sikafloor®, Sikagard® and Sikaflex® systems are the ‘State of the Art’ in cleanroom solutions, specifically developed and certified for cleanroom environments ranging from those in the Semi-conductor and Electronics industries to those in the Life Science industries. Therefore we are the ideal partner to help you select the best solutions for your individual processes and cleanroom requirements and with the unique CSM product qualification.


Most Sikafloor®, Sikagard® and Sikaflex® systems are tested and certified for their use in a cleanroom environment.


Furthermore, in depth test reports and proof statements are available for each certified product or system, which contain all of the relevant information regarding the testing parameters and standards. Please use the form below if you need further information on our Cleanroom solutions - you can also refer to the public database of the Fraunhofer IPA Institute where all of the tested and certified Sika solutions are listed:

Sustainability Accreditations

Please see our sustainability hub for details of how our product and solutions are designed and accredited  in line most Green Building Certification programs.

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