At Sika we have a network of Registered Installers who have attended modular training courses which cover core skills and application techniques needed to apply Sika Flooring Solutions.


All Sika Registered Flooring Installers have undertaken the following technical training:


Module 1: General Flooring

  • Water based coating Sikafloor®-2540W
  • High build - Sikafloor®-264
  • Textured Coating - Sikafloor®-264 Thixo
  • Non Slip Coating - Sikafloor®-264 with anti-slip
  • Broadcast Systems - Sikafloor®-264 with broadcast & sand
  • Screed - Sikafloor®-91 with screed
  • Coving - Sikafloor®-91 or Sikafloor®-280
  • PU Screeding - Sikafloor®-20 PurCem®
  • Coves - Sikafloor®-29/-31 PurCem®
  • Cementitious Repairs - Sikafloor®- Level 30
  • SikaScreed® HardTop-80


Module Two: Decorative Flooring

  • Sikafloor®-3000 (Comfortfloor)
  • Sikafloor®-Pro
  • Sikafloor® Decorative
  • SikaDecofloor
  • SikaDecoflake
  • SikaDecoquartz
  • Sika Compact Floor
  • Detailing
  • Coving
  • Slip Resistant
  • Good Practice


Module Three: Hygienic Wall Coatings

  • Site conditions
  • Substrate evaluation and preparation
  • Application techniques un-reinforced and reinforced
  • Consumption rates and measuring of detailing
  • Overview spraying
  • Material storage


At Sika, we are always looking for new business partners who share our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. If you are interested in becoming a registered installer of Sika Flooring products, simply complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you.

Please note that in order to take part in Sika Flooring training you must:

  • Have a minimum 3 years previous experience of floor laying
  • Demonstrate a proven track record
  • Be able to supply references if required