The quick curing of SikaTack® ELITE enables you to meet all OEM requirements in less than 60 minutes! The Safe Drive-Away Time is reached just 30 minutes after installation. Boost your business with a potentially record-breaking performance.
SikaTack® ELITE is a Thatcham-approved repair product.  

Your benefits
  • True 30-min Safe Drive-Away Time, tested under the new 95th percentile FMVSS 212 standard
  • Cured to OEM level within 60 min
  • Meets all OEM requirements, including Volvo, VW, Audi, etc.
  • Fast curing
  • Curing independent of climate conditions
  • Very short cut-off string
  • Compatible with all car makes due to Sika’s all-in-one modulus

SikaTack® ELITE requires the PowerCure Dispenser and PowerCure Mixer Nozzle

Technology Accelerated Polyurethane
Pre-Treatment Process All-Black

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