The performance, durability and appearance of facades are dependent on  appropriate weather sealing. The façade elements are ultimately subject to extreme movements due to temperature changes, moisture, shrinkage of  construction materials, wind and vibrations, which may affect the joints and adjacent elements. Natural stone elements require compatible non-staining solutions.

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SikaHyflex® 600

Excellent UV and weather resistant sealant

  • Glass and metal facades
  • All Structural Glazing applications
  • Curtain walls
Sikasil® WS-355

Non staining weather seal

  • Glass facade applications which incorporate natural stone
SikaMembran® Universal

Vapour control layer and waterproof barrier

  • Curtain wall installation
  • Ventilated facades
  • Commercial window installation
  • Meets fire rating requirements of EN 13501-1 Class E
SikaBond® TF+N Adhesive

Exclusively formulated for fixing SikaMembran® system

  • Concrete
  • WoodAluminium (including powder coating)
  • Many other construction materials
Sika® Everbuild Tecnic Silicone 996

Excellent UV and weather resistant silicone

  • Glass to glass and glass to aluminium joints
  • Ideal for shopping centres (shop windows), showrooms and office buildings (particians)

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