Glass Wall Grouting

In total vision glazing (TVG, fin glazing) and glass balustrades,the glass panes are fixed to the sub-frame minimising the stress on the glass by the use of an adhesive. With SikaGlaze® the bottom glass edge is embedded in the floor rebate and therefore results in uniform stress distribution. Protect against weathering by using Sika’s compatible Sikasil® WS silicone sealants. Furthermore, they permanently transfer the forces to the support structure. Sika’s range of high-modulus SG  silicone adhesive sealants offer amazing properties for this purpose.

SikaGlaze® GG-735

Self levelling PU ‘grout’


Key Features

  • Non streaking on glass and metal
  • Full compatibility with PVB laminated glass
  • Very easy to install
  • High Shore D hardness
  • Solvent free
  • Long open time



  • Total vision glazing (TVG fin glazing)
  • Glass balustrades
  • Easy removal of glass if subsequent repair needed


Chemical Base

  • Polyols, filled (A), Isocyanate derivatives (B), 2-part






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