Fire resistant facades

Sika offer fire-rated sealants both for vertical joints in façades and for horizontal floor joints between the façade and the floor slabs.

Sikasil® 670 Fire

Sika structural glazing system compatible silicone


Key Features

  • Compatible with Sikasil structural glazing system
  • Fire rated for up to 4 hours in accordance with EN 1366-4
  • Outstanding weathering and ageing resistance



  • Joint sealing of curtain walling and facades where a fire rating is required
  • For expansion joints, pipe and cable penetrations
  • For specific curtain walling applications


Chemical Base

  • Neutral cure silicone, 1-part
Sikasil® FS-665 SL

Self levelling silicone


Key Features

  • Optimised self levelling application for filling complex details
  • Fire rated up to 4 hours in accordance with BS 476 part 20
  • Outstanding weather and UV resistance



  • Horizontal joints
  • Between curtain wall and floor slabs
  • Prevents spread of fire and smoke


Chemcial Base

  • Neutral cure silicone, 1-part



Sika® Everbuild® Fire Foam B2 (Gun Grade)

Polyurethane foam


Key Features

  • Economical - expands up to 50 times original volume
  • Meets requirements of BS 475 Part 20 (up to 2 hours in specified configurations) and DIN 4102 Part 1 for construction materials



  • Gap filling
  • Fixing door frames etc.
  • Insulation applications


Chemical Base

  • Polyurethane, 1-part

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