The beauty of bonded windows is the ability to reduce the sash width profile cross section. Using Sikasil® adhesives eliminates the steel reinforcement, which in turn reduces the energy transfer though the sash by approximately 20%. The slimmer sash allows more light into the living space and adds to the occupants ‘Well Being’. Other advantages of using adhesives to bond windows include; an elimination in costly call outs to fix 'catching' window sashes, burglary resistance and lower manufacturing costs.

SikaSil® WT Range

2-part, UV resistant, high modulus window bonding silicone adhesives

[The choice of product will depend on individual process. Contact one of our experts for more information]


Key Features  

  • Excellent adhesion to most relevant substrates
  • Remains flexible over a wide temperature range
  • Long term durability
  • Meets requirements of EOTA ETAG 002 and RAL-GZ 716/1



  • For structural glass bonding of PVC, wood and aluminium windows
  • For manual and machine application
  • Best in class for PVC windows 
PRODUCT Sikasil® WT-480
MIXER OPEN TIME 8 - 12 minutes (approx) 
SHORE A HARDNESS 60 (approx)  
  • Long mixer open time
  • High modulus 
COLOUR Black  
PRODUCT                                 SikaSil® WT-470                        
MIXER OPEN TIME 7 - 9 minutes (approx)
SHORE A HARDNESS  45 (approx) 
  • Medium curing speed
  • Highly flexiable 
COLOUR  Black, Grey S6 
PRODUCT Sikasil® WT-485
MIXER OPEN TIME 2 – 3 minutes (approx)
SHORE A HARDNESS 45 (approx)
  • High curing speed
  • Automated application
COLOUR Black, Grey
PRODUCT Sikasil® WT-40                 
SHORE A HARDNESS  40 (approx)


  • 1-component
  • Easy to use
COLOUR Black, Grey

The choice of product will depend on individual process. Discuss with one of our experts or contact us for more information on the below contact form.

SikaSil® AS-66

The new innovative Sika PowerCure adhesive Sikasil®

AS-66, combines the advantages of one and two component products.

Sikasil® AS-66 is a 1 component, easy to handle adhesive with a battery operated dispenser that has accelerated curing speeds independent of any climate conditions. Therefore, no additional or costly equipment required.


Key Features

  • 1-component, easy to use
  • Perfect for glass bonding
  • Accelerated curing
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Sika® PowerCure® dispensers flexible to use
  • Reduces process times due to high output
  • No limit in joint depth



PRODUCT Sikasil® AS-66
SHORE A HARDNESS             50 (approx)
  • High strength at high elongation
  • Accelerated

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