what is the application?

Elastic bonding is to join, and also to waterproof, dampen sound, insulate and prevent galvanic corrosion; all needed to overcome the daily problems in the marine environment. Some products are specifically for bonding as they exhibit high mechanical strength (commonly known as rigid adhesives) and feature variable open time to accommodate everything from quick production rates, to the much slower large structural component assembly. Much of their usefulness in absorbing forces and shock stems from the toughness of the cured bond and this, in turn, is a major factor in the durability and reliability of the bond.

which products?

For this purpose a high-performance product, such as Sikaflex®-292i, should be used.

Sikaflex®-292i, with its excellent shock-absorbing and vibration-damping properties, has been specially developed to meet these requirements in the punishing marine environment. When your safety may depend on it, only the best is good enough.

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