what is the application?

Deck coverings are of functional and aesthetical importance. Teak has been used for hundreds of years as a durable deck material. The hard wood is very durable. Natural antimicrobial and insecticide substances cause an excellent natural anti-rot and weathering resistance.  Watertight seals are therefore absolutely essential. Also, in addition to adding structural strength to the subdeck, a wooden deck contributes to the insulation in hot and cool climates alike.

which product?

For timber and teak decks that need to be completely watertight and weather-resistant, Sika has developed Sikaflex®-290 DC PRO

This extremely easy-to-use, weathering resistant, one component polyurethane deck-caulking compound can be flush-sanded with the deck, once cured, to supply a beautifully neat and clean finish.

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