SikaBit® Pro 940 is a 4mm multi-layer bituminous sheet, which combines the advantages of APAO and SBS modified bitumen.

This multi-layer system allows two different compounds to work together to provide a technically-advanced, high-performance membrane.

The upper layer is made from APAO modified bitumen, which gives excellent heat resistance and durability. The under layer is SBS modified bitumen, which provides increased elongation, improved flexibility in cold conditions, and excellent resistance to thermo-oxidative aging.

By combining the properties of these two materials, we’ve ensured that SikaBit® Pro 940 membrane is highly UV resilient and performs better than either of the compounds in insolation.

SikaBit® Pro 940  has been tested to measure thermo-oxidising aging in accordance with UEAtc Directives for waterproofing membranes (1984).

The tests revealed that it is resistant to UV aging for 2000 hours (Xenotest) and to the combined action of sunlight and rainwater for 800 hours (UNI 8629 Q.U.V. test).

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