The SikaTherm range encompasses products suitable for use in adhered, mechanically fastened, loose laid ballasted and green roofing applications that have been tested for compatibility with other SikaBit roofing components. They meet a wide variety of fire resistance, acoustic and design requirements


Sika Limited's unique Branded Product Supply Agreements, with the industry's major thermal insulation manufacturers, ensures that specifying SikaTherm provides the peace of mind of guaranteed product compatibility, without the risk of splitting the roofing system guarantee liability between the primary waterproofing and the thermal insulation manufacturers.



SikaTherm is a rigid insulation board, faced on both sides with a wet lay coated glass fibre tissue, autohesively bonded to the insulation core during the manufacturing process.

The core of SikaTherm  is a high performance CFC /HCFC – free rigid urethane insulant with a typical density of 32 kg/m3.


SikaTherm XPS is a rigid unfaced insulation board, manufactured from extruded polystyrene in accordance with BS EN 13164: 2008. SikaTherm XPS is a cellular plastic insulant, extruded to create a rigid closed cell structure, is CFC & HCFC free and has a typical density of 30kg/m3.

SikaTherm XPS is used as part of an Inverted roof construction, laid over the
waterproofing layer.