SikaBit Insulation Adhesives

In any form of adhered roofing system, the adhesive provides the critical means of bonding together a number of, or all of, the roofing system components. It provides the method of resisting the affects of wind uplift and is therefore critical to ensure that the adhesive provides the required bond strength between the layers it is adhering.

Sika Limited provides a range of adhesives for bonding Sikatherm insulation boards. This ensures that all products within the system are compatible, both with the adhesive and each other, enabling us to take responsibility for both compatibility and the performance of the combined Sika products in use.


Product Benefits

  • Large 18kg canister - for greater coverage
  • Interchangeable applicator tooling with primer 610 - helping to keep tooling costs down
  • Applicator tools can be cleaned and flushed - promoting easy interchange between primer and foaming adhesive application
  • Twice the speed of application - greatly reducing time and labour costs - creating significant cost savings
  • Recyclable canisters - reduce wastage costs